Senate passes major tax reform package | Fox News

I lived in a house that had running water but no sewer service for almost six months. We moved in because the crooks at the sewer district promised everyone it would take only three more weeks for their contractors to complete the new sewer system that was under construction. Ha ha. The contractors the crooked folks at the sewer district hired went bankrupt two weeks after we moved in.

We lived with a huge ditch running down the middle of our street, and an outhouse, because they had a really hard time finding a scrupulous contractor who would finish the project without a huge, unacceptable over-run. They finally found one after the crooks went to prison and our community accepted the fact they'd have to pay an additional $500 assessment - which was a lot of money in the mid-1960's.

It was better than a yurt, but it was a situation I'd rather never repeat.

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