Senate passes security bill for Supreme Court family members

It was also unanimous apparently. As a democrat- I shall now be abstaining my votes for the next 10 years. They lost my will to vote for them.

They don't fight dirty for us. They pretend to care for us. They dangle our civil rights as voting leverage. They try to play nice. They stab us in the back.

Might as well let Republicans run the country into an unrecognizable fascist extremist state and hope a revolution forms


A 3rd party forms that stands for liberal, progressive, socialist, and patriotic ideals.... and have BALLS to get shit done. Im so done with democrats trying to play nice with Republicans who are playing extremely dirty. If we don't get a party that stands for our ideals and uses the same methods to pass legislation in our best interest- fuck it- not voting democrat ever again. They lost me. All you who claim i should vote blue- i consciously cannot. I am literally wasting my vote. They won't do anything for us. If I vote republican that us morally repugnant. If I abstain- i wash my hands clean of the bs happening. It is NOT my fault.

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