Send some positive thoughts to Ginger and anyone else dealing with this!

I'm sorry, baby.

After 22 year of rarely taking off a day of work, I went on sick leave back in December because of depression and anxiety. It has been the most painful thing I've ever gone through (and as a man in my 40's, there have been several life circumstances that hurt my heart quite a lot).

Ginger is right on as far as not being able to get out of bed - that is not hyperbole.

I've not told many people about it...not because I'm ashamed (although the stigma attached to mental illness frightens me at times) but because I've simply not had the energy. To people whom I have shared, comments have been made such as, "Just think positive!" or "You're really lucky to not have to go to work right now!"

Those are imbecilic comments. It's like telling someone they're lucky they broke their back or have cancer because they get to stay home and watch TV.

Have worked closely with a psychiatrist and am attended an intensive outpatient program. To work to heal the illness is exhausting, too, but I want to be better. It's coming along slooooowly.

I suggest the second quote here for anyone dealing with mental illness or who has a loved one suffering from it. Andrew Solomon's TED talk videos are informative, too.

There have been many a day with nothing but wanting death but - and this post is salient here, in addition to wanting others to know they're not alone (though you'll feel that way no matter what - one of the symptoms of the illness) - RPDR has always provided me comfort. Can't get out of bed on many days but can watch old episodes on my laptop that I bought on Amazon Prime and get lost in the fun, silly drama of the reality show created by the world's premier drag queen, Rupaul.

Love to you.

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