Senior in high school that will soon have to decide what do after HS. Community College would be a great option if my home environment wasn't toxic, don't think I can endure much time in here.

I know the thought of living in that house any longer is dreadful to you, but I’d urge you to look at the long term. Community college is only two years as opposed to having to stay at home for a full four, so that’s already a shorter time than normal that you’d have to stay with them. The amount of money you will save in community college is all money you can put towards the remaining two years of your tuition + getting your own place. Furthermore, though I am not by any means saying community college is easy, it will be less strenuous than some four-year universities, so you will also have more flexibility if you want to work and save money (the exception being that your parents don’t allow you to).

Apply for every scholarship you can within schools, but also look for outside scholarships. There are opportunities for the most bizarre scholarships—things like a certain demographic to pregnant women to boys who went to certain high schools, etc. Go to your local library if you don’t have Internet access and just apply to as many as you can while retaining the quality of your essays.

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