@SenSanders: The rise of authoritarian nationalism is a challenge for all of us who support democratic values. Tomorrow at 11 AM I will deliver a speech at Johns Hopkins SAIS on the importance of "Building a Global Democratic Movement to Counter Authoritarianism."

Read that comment again.

They are a minority and sanders would still do a lot of good as president.

Saying, "Bernie Bros are real", makes no sense. The user never said Bernie Bros aren't real. They said that they are a minority. Though I doubt anyone doing what you've linked are actually Bernie Bros.

Considering they would have to support Bernie to be a Bernie Bro. By support, Im referring to his policies. Anyone claiming to support Bernie but disagree with the majority of his policies. Are mislabeling themselves.

How many times must mislabeling need to be explained?

Nazi's called themselves socialist

North Koreans calls themselves a democracy

China is calling itself communist

Transphobes call themselves feminist

In regards to any representative. The only things anyone should ever care about. Is their integrity and policies. So far, you have not mentioned either. Even though those are what really matter.

From your comment

If Sanders were president, republicans would call right wing democrats socialists, and "socialists" would call Sanders a right wing democrat

Republicans call everything they don't like a socialist and or a communist. Why on earth do we need to cater to them? Labels and morals mean nothing to them. That is, If it's at the expense of their own benefits. And by expense, I'm talking about taking a cut from rich people's paychecks. An amount that won't even be noticed. In order to provide a safe and comfortable life for everyone else.

It's insane to even contemplate compromising with those sort of people. When the fuck did they ever compromise to anyone on the left? Why are you expecting us to be civil to these people? These same people wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone they deemed worthy.

As for lefty's calling Sanders right wing. So what? Why would that matter? The whole point of supporting Bernie is to push us all more to the left. Not stop and be appeased with just a socdem.

From comment above you

At the very least he moves things back towards a more sane point, where no one can call a right wing democrat a fucking socialist.

Progress will never come from any representative who won't even push for it. Due to being to fearful of what a small minority would think. Pragmatism is pointless and got us Trump.

From comment above you

And your post sounds a lot like libs blaming Bernie bros for Hillary losing.

Gotta agree here. Most of your points comes off as hipster like," I don't like (product, person, place,event) because of it's supporters." Which is both kinda childish and irrelevant.

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