@SenSanders says he won't give his email list to the DNC, but will support candidates who will stand up to big-money interests #CNNSotu

I hope people realize now that reforming the democratic party is a useless exercise.
you tried it with sanders, the DNC crushed it, you tried it after democratic historic loss, and with toothless DNC position, they still denied you that. why keep repeating the same thing over and over again?
DNC is a huge apparatus, and a vehicle for power and money on a massive scale. the party establishment will never allow you to threaten that.
I would argue that it's even dangerous to try and reform it at this point. the country now has a really impressive momentum for organizing and activism. trying to get it included in the democratic party will crush it. just like it happened with the Obama momentum in 2008/9.

in my opinion, the wise thing to do is try and work outside the democratic party, maybe join a third party like DSA, or SAlt that has working people/grassroots base. or make a new one.(it's not impossible, 3rd parties existed before, and they were very influential). that's vital to keep alive. not putting it to use will suppress it, at which point it probably will manifest in another Trump or worse.

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