Was sent here from r/deadbedrooms - fiancé has cheated on me and revealed his porn addiction

Porn addiction is hard enough...But he actually was looking for sex with randoms. This is just stuff you found. You have no idea about the stuff he deleted or did IRL. He knows why he did it - for perverted sex at the cost of your relationship. You would never even think of doing what he did right? Ya most guys wouldn't think of it either. Find those guys. I would say maybe work on it if it was just porn addiction but breaking your trust and looking for sex so early in a relationship is unfixable. If you stay with him this won't be the last time. I'm so sorry.

The fact that your sex life is so sub par and he isn't doing anything to fix it says a lot doesn't it? He cares more about his perversions then having a healthy relationship. You will never feel safe in this relationship. I know it sux but get out now. I stayed with guys too long when I was your age and wasted time. And so much dragged out pain. I now have a keeper who I never have to doubt and he also deals with my trust issues amazingly. Find a guy who deserves your trust. This guy is gross. You know it.

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