I sent a message to Crowder

Hello there, First time viewer, found via r/the_donald. Watched this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eTYTaITImSM Loved your show. I would like to volunteer my initial impression for whatever purpose you see fit.

You should not show your other cohosts; you are the face. Instead please give us support, subheadings, quote boxes, etc as an overlay.

I would love to see an edit of this video with relevant source data on half-screen. Many viewers find you via reddit; you could call it a reedit for reddit, lol.

Anyway, we have a full computer screen. If you could show supporting data and link it with your show notes, we could spread your information without as much clutter from shills.

Thanks for your time, [MrResp3ctful] Random viewer

/r/The_Donald Thread Link - i.imgur.com