September 08, 2018 Suggestion Saturday Megathread

Bring B.B. konohamaru, BB pain, BB obito with sharingan and rinnegan with the ninja tool, or they should have made the body obito madara Uchiha blazing awaken and made him that” BB minato, with GOOD health, BB saratobi.

Make a minato SS Super Impact, a new Madara and Hashirama SS Super Impact, SS-SI kid sasuke and kid naruto or maybe even their adult form.

For the horrible Drop rate they gave us, they should give us a free legit pvp and PVE character.

Free multi summon daily. Or even once every update! Or 1 discount multi summon everyday, instead of 50 make it 30 or maybe 25 for 1 turn.

There are many ways to improve the game and get more people to come.

They need to think about fan service. Fan service brings in more money

. example Look at fornite it’s a free game and they’re making more than millions.

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