Serially Obsessed isn't journalism

Hey @fredster123. Pretty cool username. Makes you sound like you can roll with the punches in life and be light and breezy about things. But then your post...WOW. Clearly my thoughts on your username are erroneous.

Do you speak perfectly in all settings, both informal and formal? The fact that these things you bring up in your post are "disgusting" to you is pretty indicative that this is NOT the podcast for you. By the way, did you (1) miss the fact that the podcast wasn't intended to be Diane-Sawyer-like and is in fact in the COMEDY SECTION of iTunes? (2) actually IS NOT journalism? (3) actually never at all even CLAIMED to be journalism?

Serially Obsessed is MY podcast that I do. I'm one of the hosts. I just came across this post on Reddit and just so you know, your words did the job - they were meant to be hurtful and were hurtful. So congrats, you've achieved your goal. Based on not even listening to an entire episode (yet you judged the whole podcast).

When people start doing things for the first time, it takes a while to find their groove, and no one on the podcast claimed they were experts at podcasting. This was our first time even making a podcast. The episode you "could not even get through" was our very first attempt at ever doing a podcast. And you took a huge dump on our attempt at trying something new. How can you get good at something if you don't fail a bit at first? What you did here was shit on that first attempt of ours. Next time you try something new, imagine a stranger telling you that your attempt was "disgusting" and use words like "ignorant" to describe it, ok? Spoiler alert: it's a pretty rotten feeling.

If your response is "then don't do something that's public and don't put yourself out there" -- then you just don't get it. Leave the podcast to mere plebeians who are clearly so beneath your high intellect.

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