[Serious] Alcoholics of reddit, what made you get sober? Those who've known alcoholics, what finally made you cut contact?

I had a buddy that was getting more and more into drinking. It was fun in the beginning because I like to try new drinks and taste test/act like I know something about flavors.

He started to become more and more of an asshole when he was drinking and after awhile, I just didn't feel like hanging out with him and his girlfriend because he'd inevitably say mean shit to her and make her cry.

One day, I was playing games with him at night before he went in for a midnight shift. We were both in the military. He told me to wait a second and he was going to get another beer.

I said, "Dude, wait. Aren't you going in to work in an hour?"

"Yeah, but it's just beer, haha. You can't get drunk off beer. Besides, I work nights..."

I was so massively disappointed in him and I really wasn't getting anything out of our friendship at that point anyway, so I just cut ties and that was that.

It isn't an exciting story, but it doesn't always have to be a big event. Sometimes you've just ruined your relationship with someone over a year with a thousand little cuts and they realize they're just happier without you.

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