[Serious] An experience that changed your life?

Fuck it, I'm using a throwaway for this one. In all honesty, it was reddit.

I joined in 2012, when the atheism subreddit was still a default. Seeing all of that shit got me thinking about god and death and stuff. I grew up in a bible thumping family, where god's rule was law. Thinking about god not being real was a thing that I always pushed out of my head, not devoting time to thinking about, and just ignoring. After I joined, I unsubbed from the atheism sub, but would read about the events of dying biologically. Stuff that described exactly what happened in our last moments. I feel like I've actually experienced that stuff after reading about it so much, and I've came to terms with it. I danced between atheist agnostic and christian for a long time.

Reddit changed my perspective on life. I became more accepting of others with different beliefs / life values and sexual orientations, all while completely changing my own values and beliefs. It threw me into the biggest fucking depression in my life, after reading shit about how in the grand scope of space and time we are literally a speck. We as individuals will be gone in an instant, and the majority of us do not really contribute to the grand scheme of humans. This told me that I would amount to nothing, and given that, why should I try in the first place?

I then changed my views and decided to make other's days better. I may not do anything to effect them in the long run, but I can at least make them have less of a shitty day. And that's where I'm at at the moment. I'm not really doing anything with my life, but I'm content enough for now. I honestly have to say that reddit has made me both a better and worse person.

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