[Serious] Has anyone been really drunk or on drugs when a natural disaster hit? How did you handle it?

I was tripping balls when the girl driving the car I was in had a seizure...

I was 17 and hanging out with my buddy Earl. We took a lot of some white blotter stuff, having no idea how hard it would hit. Easily 4 tabs each. We head to the arcade/pool hall, as we were want to do.

About 15 minutes into our first game of pool I look over and Earl is just passing his pool cue back and forth in front of him, from one hand to the other. he says "do you fucking SEE this?!" and I did. Just a series of still motion pool cues every time he passed it from one hand to the other.

"Uh, dude. We should probably get out of here..."

Earl wants to finish the pool game. It's about this time that 2 girls approach us and ask if they can have the next game. I'm like "sure, we're going to leave anyway." She says "oh..." Yes, they were trying to pick us up.

This was made evident as we were leaving when they ran up and said "hey, where are you all going?" By this point we are fucking gone. One of those "OH GOD, what have I DONE" type highs. Blah blah blah, the one girl asks us if we want to go back to her apartment for a drink.

Now, Earl was a big goofy ginger dude who never got attention from the girls. So when she asked "do you want to come back to my apartment" I yelled out "NO, sorry" while Earl yelled "YES!"

I don't want to be alone, that's for sure, so I follow Earl to their car. I get in the backseat behind the passenger, Earl gets in behind the driver. They put the car in reverse and back out of the parking spot. As this is happening, I reach over and smack Earl in the back of the head and mouth the words "thanks a lot!"

At that exact moment, I look forward toward the windshield and the girl driving is now in between the two front seats leaning backwards so that her head is practically between me and Earl in the back seat. Her eyes are white and she's making gasping noises.

Yup. She's having a seizure. And the car is in drive. And we're headed for an embankment. And at the bottom of that embankment is a parked car.

We slam into this car. Earl opens the door and fucking books it. I didn't see him again for the rest of the night. He freaked the fuck out and bolted.

The girl in the passenger seat opens her door and runs into the arcade, I assume to get help.

So here I am, tripping balls, staring at this girl who practically has her head in my lap as she gags and turns blue.

First off, let me explain that one time in 7th grade a person in our gym class had a seizure and the gym teacher told us that if someone swallows their tongue during a seizure you shouldn't reach into their mouth, but rather bend them forward and smack them on the back of the head.

Yeah. Public school.

So that's what I did. I jumped into the front seat, pulled her forward into my lap so her head was pointed down between my legs and smacked her right on the back of the head. (don't do this to someone else. Educate yourself).

I don't know if it worked or if she finally lost consciousness, but I heard her let out a "CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" and she started breathing again.

At this point I notice the flashing lights. The ambulance is pulling into the parking lot and the police aren't far behind. I pushed her back into the driver's seat, step out of the car and slowly blend into the crowd of people watching the show. I got to the back of the crowd and walked off down the alley between the buildings. I spent the rest of the night walking my neighborhood, probably talking to myself and imagining people were following me.

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