[Serious] Have you asked your girlfriends father for his blessing to marry his daughter, and he said no. What happened after he said no?

Back story: When I was 18, my 32 year old, minimum wage, previously married boyfriend who was living with my family asked my parents for their blessing. They said yes.

We moved out on our own soon after and proceeded to go down hill fast. He insisted I do not continue school because it was a waste in his eyes. He started to cheat. He lost his job (found in his car sleeping). And then I found the hard drugs in his room (yes, we had different rooms by this point). My parents insisted that we stick together.

My mother told me no man was ever going to want me and it was my duty to help my future husband get clean. I married him. And yes it was the most white trash wedding you can imagine. He disappeared from the ceremony and when I got home I found him with another girl on my bed. I filed for an annulment the next day.

At the court date, the judge asked if I was pregnant.. I had just found out I was. So, we were denied the annulment and proceeded to have a rather bloody (and expensive) divorce.

My mother determined for herself that the reason the marriage failed is because I am unsupportive and not a good Christian woman (She never once brought me and my siblings to church, I got in trouble for being rude in the fourth grade for asking who Jesus was). She verbally, emotionally and physically abuse me when I moved back home. So I left.

Years later I've gone to college, raised a son, held a good job, and rent a two bedroom apartment in a nice area, and then met a wonderful man with a good plan for life. You always hear about "the one" but not everyone gets it. This man is without a doubt the closest I could ever imagine a soul mate being.

A year later, he asked my parents for permission and said yes. He asks for my hand and I say yes but ask if we can wait a few more years before we have a wedding because I don't want this to feel rushed.

A few months later, my new fiancé is struggling at work with higher demands and expresses that he's stressed. Happens, right?

While visiting my mother one day, I tell her this. She proceeds to call my fiancé and remove her blessing because he's "just going to kill himself". ...where the fucking dick did that just come from? Horribly confused I ask my mother about why she would say this and she tells me that I am the reason he is really stressed and I've done nothing but destroy hopes and dreams in people.

Two years later, I no longer talk to my mother. My five siblings are right there behind me. Along with my (still) fiancé.

(We are still engaged because, well, why not? Pretty sure we want to do a destination wedding, and I'd like to pay for our attendees. If not, small ceremony and a down payment on a house. And we haven't decided, and there is no need to rush or feel pressured when you've found the one)

TL:DR My mother said yes to a guy who was going no where in life. When I tried to leave him, she freaked the hell out. Years later I meet a perfectly nice man and my mother says yes to him as well. She changes her mind later after he has a bad week at work and thinks I'm the reason he will eventually kill himself. No warrant here, just a crazy mom.

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