[Serious] Have you asked your girlfriends father for his blessing to marry his daughter, and he said no. What happened after he said no?

For starters my fiancée's parents are on the border of going to Westboro church. They are northern but try to act like old timey sounterners (I'm southern as fuck so I can tell they are just try hards). Her dad is ex military (mechanic) and thinks that he is alpha male/god. Any ways years ago her dad goes bat shit crazy on her when he started questioning her on whether or not we had been having sex. Threatened me. I went bat shit crazy my family went bat shit crazy over the threat. Shit wasn't good. But I loved her and my parents backed me up. Well I stayed away from him for a long time so that I wouldn't murder him. so, time goes on and I start to come around her family a little more. He is acting like none of it happened. Ok, I can deal with it. A couple of years go by again and I'm about to propose. Ring is picked out and bought. However my parents want me to ask for his blessing. So being respectful to my parents and hers I go to him man to man. BIGGEST mistake I've made in awhile. His demeanor changes from nice to mad. Starts trying to trick me into saying I'm not a Christian. Starts talking about how women now a days are getting educations and how wrong that is and how they need to stay home and how as a Christian man I will need to enforce this is my household. Then gets into how I will need to be the head of my house hold. Yadda yadda. Then the stupid cunt goes "I want to talk to you about your fornication with my daughter." I got angry as fuck. I start shaking I'm so mad but can't kill him because he is my then gf 's dad. He knows im mad and starts getting awkward. I just stare at him. He then says well her excuse was that it didn't matter because she loved you and she was flawed in her assumptions. I angrily spew out some fake religious shit and keep staring him down. Her mom is sitting there looking at me afraid for her life like she thinks I'm going to kill them both. The stupid cunt keeps talking about it. Saying that he hopes I'm not lying so that when he prays he isn't praying for a lie. I quit responding and finally he changes the subject. Says let's pray. I'm thinking yeah let's pray that I won't cut your throat. So he starts praying that we keep God in our eyes and to no longer sin. Yadda yadda. The fucker tries to hug me after the prayer. So now I'm trying to avoid her shitty ass family.

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