[Serious] Bullies of reddit whose victims committed suicide, how did it affect you?

Seeing all these posts are causing MANY repressed memories to come flooding back.

The following I am about to write is 100% true. No fake stuff at all.

When I was five, I had just started Grade Primary, [A Canadian version of Kindergarden/Preschool but held within the School itself]. [1999] I had a great friend of mine who lived two doors down from me. We were so close that we would pass through the backyards on our city block instead of using the sidewalk.

The thing is that during a playdate, his younger sister [Age 4], apparently had attraction to me. There was a tire swing in his backyard. For people who may claim bullshit, this is the picture. The Tire swing was at the very back of the property, about 1km from the house. The parents would not have seen anything.

When I used the swing, I was in a position in which I was lying on my Stomach, legs on one side, face and arms on the other. She proceeded to get behind me and pull my pants down.

Then she started "poking", it was as if I was getting checked for colon cancer. It was the single most embarassing thing that ever happened to me. However, because of the circumstances. I didn't say a word. I didn't want to lose my best friend, and I didn't want to tell my parents either.

It ended up not mattering because, his family would end up moving away a year later for better prospects. [This was before the time of FaceBook and Myspace.]

The memory was one I kept buried deep inside of me. But I have to say that it is because of reddit and it's great community. That I decided to let it go.

===Part II===

During my time in the Public school system, I went through a lot of changes. I started out as a rather small child, I was skinny too. It didn't last long. By the time I was in Grade 6 [Age 12]. I was 6'0 even. I was clearly the tallest student in the entire school, I was taller than most of the teachers too.

Grade 6 was when My father died, the funeral occured 3 days after death. Only two weeks before my birthday. While I put up a brave face on the exterior. I was emotionally destroyed inside. I went through a MASSIVE long lasting Depression. I lost all self control when it came to food. My weight ballooned from 185LBS to 245LBS.

I decided to use comedy as a shield. For the most part it worked, I was able to make friends and was generally a good person. But I started to become an attention whore. My interest in school quickly dropped. I had a B Average, but It could have been much better.

===Part III===

When I look back on everything I did, the times that stick out are mostly from my High School years.

I had my first drink at 17, First kiss at 18, First fight at 18 too. I can safely say that It was during one instance, in which I was truly an asshole/bully.

The thing I did was terrible, however it all depends on what you think.

This is what I did: I ratted out three people for underage drinking at a Football Game. That Alone I had no problem with, I was simply thinking that I was upholding the law. I had massive respect for Authority because it was in my blood. My Grandfather was a Judge and my Father was Mountie-then-Lawyer.

The Ratting out was not the bad thing, it was what I did online after ward. I joined FB shortly after my first drink, I subsequently became addicted to Notifications. My Attention Whoring had gone online.

What I did was this: Name+Underage drinking= No I.B Scholarships.

It blew up online through my school, they knew I ratted them out. But they thought that what I said was inexcuseable.

Even then, when I was getting a verbal lashing from the V.P, I felt no remorse. I didn't like these guys anyway. I was already bigger than all of them, so they couldn't physically hurt me and they knew it. I felt invincible, saying anything controversial. It was during the last two years of High School that I became one of the Office's most frequent visitors.

The V.P would always have a loud voice, was constantly furious. He kept making threats about "Permanent Records", trying to scare me into stopping. But he soon realised that he was powerless: I was one of the few students who had Perfect Attendance. My grades were acceptable. I was a positive person in the building and I had no CRIMINAL Record.

Now it is the present day, and how do I feel about everything that happened?

Well, For starters, learning that "Permanent Records" are just a scare tactic helped. I do feel a bit of regret about the posts I made that were directed towards the wrong people.

Do I think that I was a bully? No.

However, I do feel incredibly lucky in that there were no laws in place at the time of me posting those things.

TL:DR, Depending on what you think, I might have been an SJW or just a dick. I am glad I'm not what I was back then though.

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