[Serious] Campers of reddit, what is the creepiest, strangest, or straight up scariest thing you've experienced while camping in the woods?

Well, this may be stretching it slightly as it isn't the kind of camping you do in the woods but hey.

One year I was camping out at one of the biggest music festivals we have in Ireland. It was a three day festival over and on Saturday morning me and my then girlfriend went to use the toilets (cleanest first thing in the day...you don't want see how they look later). I wait for her outside and when she comes out we go to walk back to our part of the campsite when I look up at the sky and spot something floating at quite a height.

Initially I thought it was a black garbage bags that had got caught in an updraft, but as I look closer, I realise it's a bloody tent. A tent...very recognisably still propped up inside, just floating along way up in the sky.

I was pretty sober and hadn't taken anything but it still took me a second to realise it was real. At this point more people had noticed it and were pointing it out to their friends. Probably pretty hard to process for anyone with a hangover.

It eventually came to a gentle rest at the edge of our campsite.

Funny thing is that when we got back to our group and talked about it with the lads we were with I got into an argument with one of them about how the tent got up there. Even though he was a physics major he was convinced that it had been dropped by a plane earlier that morning when the Air Corps (our tiny "air force") did a fly over of the festival.

Meanwhile I, with zero background in science, tried to reason with him and tell him somehow fitting fully erected tent in a single seater plane, opening the cockpit and then randomly dropping it on a festival by hand just didn't make sense but he wouldn't back down!

Sunday night could get a little scary at this festival actually - some bastards had a thing about setting tents on fire on the last night...even if they didn't own them. Sitting up that night watching tents burn in the distance felt like being in a Viking raid.

Oh and here's proof about the tent thing:


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