[SERIOUS] Entrepreneurs of Reddit, when did you realize that you are not cut out for the 9-5 life? What happened that made you realize that?

  • I worked asa co-op at the most valuable USA company in the world at the time. It was a shit-show at all levels of management, and the unions were borderline organized crime.
  • I worked at a small company for a while.
  • I worked for a foreign company for a while.

In all cases, I saw squandered opportunities, stupid decisions, inefficiencies, and products that another company could do better.

My wife and I agreed that I could try starting a business for two years while she worked and earned enough money to support both of us. Most startups succeed or fail within two years. If it failed, I'd go back to a regular job so she could quit to start a family. If it succeeded, she'd quit to start a family.

The business took off and earned more money in the first six months than I expected it to earn in the first two years, and my wife quit her job. The company grew and became a leader in its niche. We built an office building. Within seven years, I had three children, and I sold the company's intellectual property to a Fortune 100 company. I still own an office building.

I see two or three products every week that a small company could do better. The problem is opportunity cost: If I invest time and money in one, it means I'm not investing in another. I threw my hands up and decided to invest in the whole S&P 500 index, and I haven't been disappointed.

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