[Serious] Have you ever saved anyone's life? How did it happen?

When I was 16 my dad and I were coming home from a day of fishing and needed to put some gas in the boat. We pulled into this chevron gas station that sat at the corner of this really dangerous intersection. There were always accidents happening here, mostly t-bones from people turning onto the highway to the left. The county had seen all those accidents but still had not deemed it important enough to put a light in there.

We were both sitting by the pump when we heard tires squealing and barking like they were trying to grip the pavement then a huge sound that sounded like metal ripping and glass breaking all at once. An 18 wheeler with a full load had hit a small sedan and it was the first time in my life I thought I had witnessed someone die. A little white sedan with the right passenger side bent inwards sat in the ditch near the gas station while a smoking 18 wheeler was stopped a little after the intersection. My dad took off running to the car and I followed him and when we got there we could smell gas. The woman was screaming while trying to get out but the door was stuck and she kept turning around and looking in the back seat. My dad looked in the back seat and saw a todler in a car seat who had a nasty cut to the head and a little boy who was not responding to us. My dad turned to me and had this scared look and just said,"Help me son."

We both grabbed the door frame and started pulling on the door. I don't remember it all that clearly and it must have been the adrenaline that helped us but after 3 massive tugs the glass shattered and the door bent back off the frame. A lady at the gas station helped the mom out of the car and we went to work trying to open the back door the door was locked and it wasn't opening. So we ripped that door off too. We got both the babies out of the car and the laid onto the grass a ways away.

Soon after the fire department and the police arrived. The car caught fire and the fire department put it out quickly. I don't think we even paid for the gas we came for, we got in the truck and drove home. My dad hugged my mom when we walked in for a long time. I remember just going to the bathroom and getting in the shower. I ended up staying home from school the next day because my arms and back were aching pretty bad and were way too sore to move.

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