[serious] Have you ever seen anyone die before? Traumatic accident?

Twice. The nature of the deaths were completely opposite.

The first time, it was very peaceful. My 101 year old grandfather was failing, and the decision was made to let him go. All of the nearby family (about 7 or 8 of us) gathered in his room to be with him. They unplugged all of the machines and a few minutes later it was over.

The second time, we were on a highway on Memorial Day in 2013. Four of us, plus my dog, were headed to Raleigh. There was a car next to us with two girls in it--it was a four lane highway, they were in the far left lane and we were in the next lane to the right of them.

Out of nowhere, the car next to us swereved in an almost 90 degree angle to the left. We were traveling at 80 miles an hour. When they swerved, they hit the dirt embankment next to the highway. This caused their car to launch into the air. There are metal dividers about two or three feet high that separate the opposite lanes. The car hit that divider, while flying through the air, and the divider caught the bottom of the car.

When it clipped the divider, the car began flipping end over end while flying through the air towards the other side of the highway. It flipped a couple of times and landed upside down on its roof directly in front of a Cadillac truck traveling the opposite direction at 70-80 mph. It literally dropped out of the sky feet in front of this truck. They had no time to do anything, let alone brake.

The truck of course hit the upside down car broadside at full speed. All of this happened immediately next to us in the span of several seconds. We had all turned as soon as the car veered away, and watched the entire thing. As soon as they landed upside down and were slammed by the truck, I knew with complete certainty they were dead and we had just witnessed their death.

At home later, I checked the news article about it. Both occupants of the car, two women, died in the crash.

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