[Serious] Have you ever seen or felt the presence of something not human? What happened?

There is no doubt in my mind that my house is haunted. First someone died in there. Second everyone in my family has experienced something weird. Third I don't like the house, it is very weird and It is very oddly built the light switch in my bedroom is at knee level, my closet has another closet which is basically a room that was left halfway into construction (it doesn't even have light). Fourth my room is very dark, the neighbors house blocks light from entering. This and many other things that make my room feel off. So one day very early in the morning my mother told me to turn off the light in my room and although I didn't want to I went to do it. So I climb up the beds (my sister's bed and mine were completely next to each other so touching all the way) and had to stick my hand down on between the beds and the wall to be able to turn off the light and right as I did, as soon as the room was dark I felt a hand grabbing one of my legs. Finger by finger I felt something grabbing me firmly to not let me go. After seconds that felt much longer I just ran for my life towards the light and to my mother. And I have never felt safe in this house but after that I was frightened and I don't like being alone in the house. This is just one of my experiences there's many more about this house that I could tell. ~sorry that this is long~

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