[Serious] Folks who used to be incels, neckbeards, or "nice guys"/"nice girls", what helped you snap out of it and how could people help friends or colleagues who may be on or going down that road?

Every word of this is true. That said; there is a line between being generous and being a door mat.

Case in put: I recently ended a friendship because my generosity was being abused. He didn't have a car so for much of the last 2 years I was going an hour+ out of my way to pick him up/drop him off once or twice a week, never once asked him to pay for gas, but when my work schedule changed and I couldn't do it anymore suddenly I was a shitty friend for making him take public transit and getting insulted at every turn.

Fast-forward through a couple months of this and we all go in a game, with me paying and the agreement that'd everyone else would pay me back. A couple of weeks go by and he's the only one who hasn't at least told me when they could pay me back so I ask and he says it'll be a month. Okay, whatever, not that big a deal. A month and a half later he makes this huge product of having the money I'd completely forgotten he even owed me and spends the entire time ragging on me about how he would've payed me back sooner if I didn't make him take the train every week.

The irony of the whole thing is that it was such a small amount of money that if he had been up front about not being able to pay I'd have told him not to worry about it.

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