(Serious) Gay men of Reddit, what was your "Sorry ladies, I like men" moment?

Strip club. First and only one I've ever been to. My lesbian best friend's very famous father took us for her birthday, so all eyes were on us already and the girls were swarming us for lap dances. I was the only smoker in the group, so instead of smoking at the table I was sashaying to empty corners for my nicotine fix. Girls on girls on girls would instantly follow me over and offer me their services. "Oh sorry no thank you I'm actually gay". One of two things happened:

"Ugh fuck you" *walk away*

or my favorite

"OH THANK GOD" *proceeds to sit down and smoke with me, telling me stories of the worst customers of the day*.

You can be pissed off and show it...or you can see something as an opportunity for a much needed break in the day. I really loved all the stories from the girls who sat down to chat.

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