[SERIOUS] Gay people of Reddit. When you told your parents you were gay, how did they react? What did they do that you thought was good? What did they do that you thought was bad?

I recently came out to my parents (as in about a month ago) and they took it amazingly. First off let me say that most parents will take it well since you're their child and they will always love you, even if they disagree with your lifestyle. Now onto the story, my parents somehow didn't realise that I was stressed to fuck when I was pacing around my kitchen for hours on end with no one else in it but I have exams soon so they probably thought that had something to do with it, but eventually after chickening out multiple times I gathered enough courage to finally sit down and tell them. I said it once, my voice cut off out of fear half way through saying it so they asked me to repeat it, they were shocked to hear it though. They first asked me if I was scared to tell them, I of course answered "yes", then they asked me why and reassured me that they will always love me and only want me to be happy. This led into questions like "How long have you known?", "have you been with anyone?" and "why would you expect us to react badly?" mixed with a few jokes about how they'll still probably disapprove of most of my future boyfriends. Meanwhile I was crying tears of joy at the response and the load being lifted. Then over the next few days there were some awkward talks about topics such as "why I shouldn't really tell everyone seeing as most succesful gay people only admit to being gay once they're succesful", "Older gays taking advantage of me at bars" and my mam feeling guilty that I had to go through the turbulent period without telling anyone else and deal with it alone. Also my parents got me to agree not to tell the rest of my family until I'm at least 18. Overall it went better than I ever could have expected

Also one part I just remembered, I was forced to come out then as it was a weekend and mid-schoolday on frieday my "friend" decided to tell everyone that I'm gay and the news spread around almost everyone in my year over the span of ~1 hour. My brother also goes to this school so I had to do it then to come out on my own terms before my brother found out

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