[Serious] A girl physically assaults you (slap, punch, kick, etc). What are you supposed to do that doesn't land you in cuffs?

Record it.

And I'll tell you from personal experience, that it is a scary situation.

I was in a long term relationship with a girl who started drifting into drugs. We lived together for 6 years, had a now 5 year old child together and she stopped coming home for days at a time. This went on for months until I finally had enough. We shared a car and I had to miss 2 days of work because she just never returned from work.

When she came through the door, her eyes were so blood shot and red she couldn't even look at me. She dropped the keys on the counter and slunked off to the bedroom to pass out. I took my opportunity, grabbed mine and my daughter's things and let her know I was going to my parents house.

So I lift up my daughter, start walking down the hall and all of a sudden get hit in the back of the head. I turn around and take a few shots to the face, try and calm her down, but she's literally reaching past my kid in my arms trying to claw my face. I manage to push her off without using my hands, open my daughters bedroom and set her down on the carpet, closing the door behind her.

As soon as I let go of the door know, she has me in a choke hold. I throw my arms up over my head to show her I'm not fighting back and she's screaming at the top of her lungs that she's going to kill me. With her arms across my neck, I was forced to bite down on her wrist to get her to let off. She lets go and runs to the bedroom and barricades the door.

I imediatley call my parents and tell them the situation. As I'm on the phone, the bedroom door opens and she comes barreling out. I set the phone down on the counter and she grabs a knife from our kitchen cutting board and lunges at me.

I grab her wrist and pull back slightly so the knife is out of my face. She's got a low menacing voice and keeps muttering that I'm dead. I ask her why she's doing this. What's going to happen if she kills me with our daughter in the house. Why she's ruining our family. At this point, she frees her open hand, grabs the edge of the blade and swipes across it, cutting herself.

I instantly let go, she drops the knife to the ground, and with a crazy look in her eye, tells me "You're fucked now. No ones going to believe a word you say." All while holding up her hand and letting the blood drop all over the floor. "I've already called the police. They're on their way"

I hurried past her, grabbed my daughter out of our room and ran to my car and immediately drove to my parents. The police show up shortly after, fully intending to take my to jail. My Dad was a smarter man than me. He had started recording the altercation when I had set down the phone and it was the only thing that saved me from going to jail that night.

The relationship was over. She continued to text me apologizing for calling the police but never once admitting that she had lied to them about what happened. We had a custody hearing a few months later and because of the domestic disturbance, she was awarded 80% custody.

This was 2 years ago. She hasn't seen her daughter in 9 months now. Hasn't given us a dime. I speak to her family regularly and they are very supportive and helpful. That night was and probably will forever remain the scariest day of my life.

Cover your ass. You will never be able to defend yourself in a situation like that to the authorities if you don't have proof.

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