Serious: Why do you hate asexuals?

Alright, I was just asking a simple question, god, why the downvote? Anyway, here’s more downvote material for you, expect I’m kinda annoyed now so I won’t be polite!

Yeah, it is ok. It is also LGBTQ+. “Oh but the Q+ shouldn’t be there” ok, now you sound like someone from r/lgbtdropthet. Nice. Excluding aros and aces, and especially aroaces, from the broader LGBT community is insane. There is literally no reason for it. What are you doing, playing the oppression olympics? Damn, just let people have a community. Your happiness should not be impacted by the happiness of others. You sound like a homophobe being like, “trans people shouldn’t use their bathrooms because it makes me feel bad!!1!” Why does it affect you how people want to identify themselves.

As a trans and aroace person, what the actual fuck.

Anyway. Gimme all the downvotes guysssssss ;))

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