[Serious] How can someone tell whether or not they’re welcomed in a social group when they can’t read people and asking directly might not result in an honest answer if the answer is no?

Thanks! This is a really good list.

It’s a group of 4 other people and we hang out between classes (we’re in a program and take same classes at the same time throughout it).

I’m friends with 2 of them, I know that much. One of them was an acquaintance and is starting to warm up to me. It’s really hard to tell with the 4th one if she’s neutral or dislikes me. She is polite and professional and doesn’t talk bad behind people’s backs. She also wouldn’t ever be rude to someone, even if she disliked them - she’s just not that kind of person. In the lab she might sit at the same table if the rest of the group is there (or other members). She responds if I’m talking and stuff. But I also did one study group with her in it, and I’ve appeared to have been “kicked out” of it. It was never scheduled, but I noticed that I’ve never heard about that study group (although one of them asks to study one-on-one). So I’m thinking maybe I should stop hanging out in the group and just see my friends individually outside of classes.

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