[Serious] How close have you been to dying?

There was this time I woke up feeling awful, like I was about to come down with the flu or something. I tried to shake it off and go on with my day but it got progressively worse. I thought I was going to throw up or shit my pants or something but I had small kids to take care of while my husband was at work so I couldn't just lay down for the day. By evening, while I was making dinner, I got a wave of cramps and ran to the bathroom. As I sat on the toilet wondering what the hell was going on with me, a strong wave of pain forced me to curl up and push, but nothing happened and it didn't feel normal. Another wave came and I felt a pop inside me, but just like that, the pain disappeared so did my business and got back to cooking. 10 or 15 mins go by and I'm putting the food on the table when everything suddenly got fuzzy and I felt like I couldn't hold myself up. I ended up passing out on the dining table. Not really passing out unconscious, just kind of crumpling up on the table with my legs halfass holding me up. My husband helped me get into bed and I promised to see the dr the next day. Long story short, I see the dr, they do an ultrasound of my abdomen and see that I had been bleeding out so I get rushed by paramedic to a hospital for emergency surgery and a blood transfusion. I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and if I didn't see the dr that day, I would have died.

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