[Serious] How did you heal after your biggest breakup?

Told myself I was so beat up, by just because I lost someone I had feelings for, but because I let myself base my value at wherever the other person said I was. So when we broke up, I felt unwanted, unneeded, and lost. I healed by treating myself as a friend. Being happy for my own achievements and not harassing myself for my failures. I started valuing myself. There’s no reason you shouldn’t value yourself. You are human and capable of anything. Your value is based on how much you believe in yourself. Take that chance. For once in your life, bet on something important, bet on yourself. You can do it.

By the time you’re ready for another relationship, you’ll be a totally empowered, revamped version, powered by self love and self motivation.

I took 2 years and I am completely astounded at how differently I act and handle situations in relationships. This worked for me, but it’s definitely not a cure-all and might not be for everyone.

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