[Serious] How old are you?

21 in a month... First game was Silver, lugia will always be my favorite legendary because of this. In 2000 for my 5th birthday I got a Gameboy color, pokemon silver, a silver/gold walk-through, and a system/game carrying case with lugia on it. It was all part of some package. I never got blue or red, outside of emulator I've never played them. I played until Diamond then my ds lite broke, this was before platinum was out so I think 2008.

Over the years i played pretty much every game boy color and advance pokemon game on emulators, even some fan made ones and some of them have 100-200+ hours logged in .

When oras came out I finally make the choice to start playing again. I bought Omega Ruby around thanksgiving but I stopped playing it and haven't touched it since Late January of 2015. Then I bought pokemon y and played it normally, did one nuzluck, and 3 wonderlucks almost immediately after each other and I haven't played since a little before summer 2015. Bought black 1 and played all over it over th summer, and bought black 2, but haven't played yet, and accidentally bought a fake platinum.

I hadn't touched my 3ds in 6 months, but then Recently a few days before Christmas I also bought super mystery dungeons, but after connecting with all Pokémon, maxing me and my partners stats, and 100 hours of game play I haven't touched my 3ds in a month.

I love pokemon, but I'm slowing down. I only watched the TV show until right before Advanced battle, a Hoenn season, started. Almost all of my pokemon cards are 1st Gen, a few 2nd and 3rd Gen, and I never got into competitive battling. I spent a long time in Omega Ruby breading perfect iv pokemon, but I don't know.

I had been gone from pokemon for a long time, and I think I keep overdoing it. I logged those 100+ hours in mystery dungeons during my winter break, must have put in 8+ hours a day.

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