[Serious] How do we stop mass shootings? Specifically in the USA?

This kid bullied me terribly in high school- so I used to fantasize about killing him.

I trailed him home and found a bush across the street with a turn he’d have to make where I could set up and hide and snipe him in his drivers seat.

I was going to take my grandpas rifle and blow his head off while he was driving to school. I was going to park across the woods (about a 1/4 run) and leave my cell phone at home so no one saw me or could track me.

I can’t remember what brought me back down to earth but I had it all planned out. It had nothing to do with making a name for myself. If anything I would’ve tried to get away with it.

Young men can have so much violence and anger it’s scary. Very thankful I had a little voice telling me not to.

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