[Serious] If you had taken your life one year ago, what beautiful things would you have had missed out on?

Lowkey killing myself in August 2018 might've been a good idea but if I did then I wouldn't get to see the new Half Life exist. Maybe I'll get to play it, maybe not. Also I built a PC in like July 2018 and while it's had faulty RAM, I'm finally getting working RAM sent to me and it will hopefully arrive either tomorrow or in the next week. Also I'd miss out on my parents literal existence. I'm not gonna put my mom through a ton of bullshit by fucking killing myself. Also I don't care if you think this is fucking stupid, you should probably go fuck yourself anyway. Fuck everyone outside of maybe 2 or 3 people. One of the people I barely know but so far he seems good, could be an asshole but I guess I'll find out. The other guy I've known for a few years online and he listens to what I have to say and what he says back actually fucking helps. Shoutouts to him for being a full time fucking legend. My parents because I love them. Maybe one or two uncles because one is helping me and my mom out it seems and the other while I don't know too much about him, he might be a good guy. Truth is I don't know him well enough. Another online guy who sold me the computer parts because I've known him for four years and he's good in comparison to the average person, considering how the average person is a fucking dirt bag. Honestly there's quite a few people who I know of that seem good but I don't get to hang with them because my luck is just shit. There's so much more bad than good with everything it seems, and that applies to people. People say that people just really want their problems to go away instead of wanting to die, and that can be fixed by fixing the problems. But tell me, what the fuck do you do if you cannot do anything about your problems. I don't mean that I'm not bothered or whatever. I mean that the option is seriously not there. Then what. Not all problems can be fixed. Just dealing with problems is easy when it's like one or two. But they all add up, can't just shrug out a load of small problems the equivalent of a big problem. Fuck you if you think haha small problems not important haha. Everything builds up. I'm gonna go to sleep because I'm tired and my schedule is messed up.

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