Serious Issue with Prophecies and Investment

I also think prophecy needs some work. But overall it still is an overall improvement in the attacker choice design. The thing is, TESL hearthston are videogames not CCGs. It's played over the internet on a computer. It means it will inherit some game design notions that CCGs that are played physically don't have. The notion of UI, smoothing transitions, make the game have as less downtime as possible. All of this just because it's not that annoin to wit when you are playing physically, but alone in front of a computer it can be a chore. Blizzard really understood this when they made HS, which as a result ended up attracting a ton of players. Now their design phislosophy still had a big flaw. By preventing interractiong during the opponent (no blocking decision, attacker choses what to attack), they made playing the tempo game or the aggro game absolute king. TESL is trying to create a system that keeps this videogame design (because let's face it, it is really good) and still give players a way to interract in their opponents turn, and punish aggro for going face without even considering the boardstate. And in the end, as the meta will become more defined and people will learn what card are in what deck, you will learn what kind of prophecy can drop on you and plan accordingly. Though yes, I agree atm it sucks for tempo decks, and I think prophecy cards (especially green ones) tend to be really overstated and some of them need to be toned down

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