[Serious] Married folks of Reddit, do you ever miss being single? Why or why not?

I think at times I miss the excitement of doing new things as a single person, meeting potential partners, the giddy texting phase, etc.

But that feeling is fleeting and eclipsed by how I feel remembering that time with my husband of 12 years. It’s crazy to think how much we’ve grown and changed over our time together and it keeps getting better and better. I thought the crazy sex maniacs was the best phase, then it was the joy of being new parents together, then it was the ‘nuclear family’ feeling phase, then it was the new homeowner/promotions phase. Now it’s the drift compatible phase; we spend most of our free time together and can usually tell what the other is thinking. We still butt heads but we talk it out and respect each other’s views, it’s so rewarding to have someone understand why they were upsetting you and see them make changes to correct behaviors. I’m definitely a better person because I’ve learned to control harsh personality qualities that were hurting my best friend!!! We are looking forward to different life events (kids growing up, moving for jobs, etc) so there’s still ‘new things’ to experience except we’ll have a comfortable relationship to lean on as we face challenges.

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