[Serious] Why is Marxism still so attractive to many vis-à-vis liberalism, even after all its failures and catastrophes? Some say it’s resentment / envy, others say utopianism or simply ignorance, but what do you think about the strange lure of this poisonous ideology?

Any action taken by the government isn't de-facto legal, but as much as the government is subordinated to the artifice of the legal apparatus the legal apparatus is still regulated and given mandate by the government. And the parliament could simply dissolve itself and declare someone king, it would take some time and finagling according to the rules it has set out for itself but there's nothing that truly stops it from doing it.

What's your feeling on expropriation in a democracy? Or taxation in a totalitarian system?

Rule of law/man gets incredibly awkward when you apply it outside of its original context of individuals.

You are the one that started a semantic argument by the inane reduction of Marxist thoughts regarding private property into "stealing shit".

It's great that you've decided that totalitarian governments are illegal though.

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