[SERIOUS] Men of reddit, who are unable to share their emotions with anyone, what would you like to share?

It started when I told my (then) girlfriend (who I was absolutely head over heels for) that I suffer from depression, she broke up with me a week after that because she was convinced I had made it up only to make her feel bad for me (I shortened her reason but it really was just that hurtful) and didn’t want to deal with someone with baggage, I moved out shortly after that.

She was the FIRST person I told that to, and her response crushed me. The thoughts of “How could I have loved someone so awful? and Is there something wrong with me?” still flood my brain. I felt guilty for being depressed which sent me further down the hole of worthlessness. I’ve tried dating since but my emotional unavailability has ruined all those chances. Never again do I feel like I can open up to a person. My support system is small and in their eyes I’m this charming, successful, strong guy and I fear if I try to open up to anyone they won’t take me seriously or they’ll just brush it off

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