[Serious] Millionaires of reddit how did you create your fortune and what are your advices to others?

I became a millionaire selling cocaine in Compton, then Chicago, then becoming basically a leader of a narco ring in Georgia. I started my business selling weed to friends until I hit 16, where I started up on angel dust (my favorite name for it, i'll explain why later) and sold for the local bloods, but I knew I wanted to get bigger. I dropped out of school in 10th grade, and lived in my grandma's house until I was twenty, selling coke and helping move some too. I was becoming increasingly involved with the bloods although, and it was becoming more and more dangerous. It finally boiled over into a driveby in late August of 1996. My friend since 2nd grade was killed, and a dealer we were bumming weed off of was killed too. This was my wake up call. I knew gangs couldn't get me anywhere I wanted, like "fat stacks and big racks" as I said back then. I had made arrangements to get jumped out of the Bloods, and that evening I left for my "job in Chicago" as I told my grandma, got jumped out, by some miracle didn't get any broken bones besides my left wrist and a few lost teeth. I got in my shitty pontiac, and set off for Chicago. I had contacts there I had met in the last 4 years, and I would stay with them until I got stable. I arrived there and began dealing angel dust. I would sell to anyone, and sometimes do it with them. Here is where I picked up the term angel dust for cocaine. I've seen people die after two lines and as I always said after that that it was like the coke was the angels' dust and they took it back at all costs, often with a life attached. I wasn't swayed by this though, and continued to deal. By 2002, I had gotten big. Over those 6 years, I ha gone from a lowly street dealer to running a coke importing and selling ring. After 9/11 importing got a lot harder, and the feds began a few leads on me. I moved base to Georgia to be safer, and eventually in 04 it just got too hard. I took my money, burned my bridges, laundered my money (don't ask), and set up a legitimate life. I now work as a franchise owner for Firehouse Subs, and live in WNY. I'm worth 1.4 M USD.

This story is entirely a work of fiction written by a white 14 year old.

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