[Serious] Murder attempt Survivors of Reddit: Who has had an attempted murder upon them, how did you survive? Was there a point that you accepted you was going to die?

I was just a kid. I did not want to hurt anybody, but he had death in his eyes and I had a knife behind my back and just before he grabbed me I just took a swing at him with it and by lucky shot landed it right in the heart. I never accepted I was going to die. That has never been an option I was willing to accept through many different traumas, this was no exception, but I did not want to kill for it. I did not have a choice and I had to watch the life drain from a man's eyes that day. It was all over but the crying then. I do not even know his name. Nobody came to help or comfort me, nobody even knew where I was. I had never felt so alone in this world before or since. Very few people know this even happened to me, not even my parents know. Everything changed that day. A boy killed a man that day.

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