[Serious] Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy are well known, but what are some other dark pasts from other countries that people might not know about?

Yup, this is a less-known case of slavery. However, a few precisions:

  1. It was the Orthodox church - or, to be exact, Orthodox monasteries - that owned slaves. Some individual Catholics in Transylvania owned slaves as well, but the practice was much less widespread and institutionalized than in Moldavia and Wallachia, and I don't know of any Catholic monasteries owning slaves.

  2. There wasn't much slave trade, it was a stable slave population and what trade there was was strictly local. Likewise, the trade act of 1807 had no influence since none of it took place where the British empire had legislative power and no maritime trade took place.

  3. Castration may have been used occasionally as punishment, but it wasn't widespread. There wasn't any incentive to it either since owning a slave gave you rights over his or her children as well.

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