(Serious) Night Owls of Reddit, what is something creepy you've experienced while no one else was awake?

My boyfriends cat likes to go outside all through to night and come inside via our basement cat door.

I was up later than usual (around 4 am) and figured I’d start some laundry (night owls are weird.) I notice that he’s not inside so I open the basement door which leads to our backyard. It’s nearly pitch black and it’s rather chilly. I call out his name and hear nothing. Welp...better go look for him. I get my phone and use my flashlight. For some reason I start to PANIC out of nowhere.

I felt something near me...but I figured it was just a deer or possibly the cat? But he usually announces himself. I don’t want to turn around since I know my derelict basement is behind me. I then hear some muffled sounds that did not sound animalistic. I’m freaking out at this point and ready to run. For some strange reason my body decides to turn around (I don’t know why I did this...) and see a few pale limbs. My heart skips a beat once I see it’s a girl startled awake, near my old garage. I’ll never forget the look of terror on her face. I managed to let out a “do you need help?” She just looked at me like a deer in headlights. I remember her hurrying to gather her things...she had a backpack so obviously homeless or a runaway? I was so scared that I just managed to let out a few other words and decided to leave her alone.

My cat was in my basement once I returned. I called the cops (not to get her into any trouble) but just in case she was a missing person. The cops came out later that morning. It was pretty sad but creepy nonetheless..

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