[Serious] Nurses/Hospital Workers of Reddit: What is the most paranormal/weirdest thing you have ever experienced while working?

As a doctor who's fairly open about also studying herbalism, I get contacted by many patients who are interested in talking to a medical professional who won't dismiss herbal remedies out of hand (not proven effective ones, anyway). As a result, we get more neopagans and New Agers than most places, so it can be pretty interesting.

One particular patient came in, and when I searched for a heart beat with the stethoscope I couldn't find one. I did, however, hear jingling, so I asked the patient to remove her top. She removed it, and there were so many silver and iron pendants that it was like patchy chainmaille. She had come in because she wasn't sleeping, and she mentioned that she thought it might be an evil spirit keeping her awake, but that she came in for a check-up just in case (good on her, btw). Gave her the standard mild sedative, since melatonin wasn't effective, and told her to come back in two weeks.

Two weeks later, she'd apparently managed to sleep about 16 hours since I'd seen her. She was a nervous wreck, and kept talking about voices in the walls. Of course, I was concerned, that's possible adult-onset schizophrenia right there, so I recommended her to a colleague for more tests.

The creepy part was still to come. After coming back most likely negative for schizophrenia, and more likely that her lack of sleep was causing hallucinations, I finally managed to convince her that she needed to check into a sleep lab for a study. I don't know much first-hand from this point, but one of the techs at the lab mentioned on the report that there appeared to be some kind of dark, vague shape that moved a few seconds after she did whenever she was twitching in her sleep.

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