[Serious] In opposition of what's on front page now, Therapists of Reddit, what are things people do thinking it's normal but really, are indicators of a more serious issue?

I just want to chime in with my anecdotal experience (like lots of other people in this thread). I'm older, well (enough) off, and have suffered depression my whole life.

Over the decades depression has chipped away at my self, but really only in the last maybe 5-6 years did I really feel like I couldn't "stay on the merry-go-round" anymore, I couldn't pretend to cope. So I just started avoiding everything that bothered me, telling myself it was self-care, even when it was activities that I knew were unpleasant/scary but healthy (for example, giving in to extreme social anxiety rather than just pushing through and being glad I did).

Now I feel lost. I don't have coping mechanisms anymore. Everything scares me, and nothing makes me feel good. The very idea of "pushing through" negativity/anxiety/fear to get to a better place is utterly alien to me now. Now there's nothing left.

Don't get off the merry-go-round.

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