[Serious] People of Reddit that honestly believe they have been abducted by aliens, what was your experience like?

So one night....I was out with the girls. Very typical night. We got cleaned up, got dressed, did our make up and split a bottle of champagne between the four us. We called an Uber and made our way into town. We finally made it to our first stop, this upscale bar in NY. Within a few minutes I met this guy...blonde hair, dark blue eyes...we talked for probably 30 mins. This was only second drink aside from the champagne about an hour prior. Mid conversation I started feeling really drowsy. He offered to help me get some fresh air. We went outside and threw up all over him.. I remembered that I ate some question Mexican food before the champagne. We headed back inside the bar. He told me he had to go clean up and would be right back...I waited for 4 hours and he never came back. None of his friends knew where he went and I wasn’t able to get a hold of him ever again after that night... I’m like 99% sure he was abducted.

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