[Serious] People of Reddit, what kind of toxic people have you cut out from your life and why? Do you wish that you would have done it sooner?

My mother is a violent alcoholic. She had abandoned me for the first 8 years of my life, and only forced her way into my world when she decided she wanted to live in the capital. My dad bought an apartment for us and she signed it over to herself, refused to get me a share, and began to rent it our and live with me and my gran, not working and drinking vodka every day.

In the 10 years that we have lived together she assaulted my cat to the point he was screaming in a pool of his own piss and blood, tried to murder me several times, and let's not forget the time she tried to fuck me when she was drunk, as well.

She was very physically violent and not in the sense of corporal punishment, no, there were never any rules to break, she just assaulted me whenever something set off her rage, and that could be anything from the teenage shit that I got up to, like skipping school and coming home late, to things like parting my hair in the middle, vacuuming at "the wrong angle", getting sick, and just existing.

Seriously. One time she was taking me to the dentist and while we were standing at the traffic lights she just started to pinch me really hard, twist my fingers and then began stepping on my foot, really hard, trying to crush it hard, because "my face is mopey and hateful and I look like I'm ready to swear at the whole world". One time I skipped school because I was feeling very sick, she dragged me out of bed and I fainted flat on my face, and when I regained consciousness, she was still standing over me and screaming. Let's not forget the time when she got so sloshed out of her mind that she began to demand that I "lick her teeth" and we got into a fist fight because her damned useless daughter wouldn't even put out for her own mum. Or the time when I said I was feeling anxious about moving to another country and she decided to strangle me in response, screaming "you think we're ruining your life!" She didn't even put her trousers on. She never wore trousers. I was always greeted by the sight of my morbidly obese mother with her massive cow tits hanging out of a stretched out T-Shirt and her massive cellulite ass in stretched-out lace underpants.

The only time I got a shiner on my face, it came from mum. I had a house party while she was gone, at her permisson. One of the girls invited two guys I didn't know, and one of the guys assaulted my girlfriend and broke the glass table in the kitchen. They locked us in the kitchen and wouldn't let us out and I broke a window trying to get out and scream for help. Nobody blamed the guys though, I took the flak for all of it even though I was 15 and everyone else was 18-25, and mum responded by beating the shit out of me, kidneys throat jaw eyes. I had bruises all over my body.

She always went for the throat or my kidneys whenever she got mad. She liked to claw at my throat too. When she didn't like my hairstyle, she used to pull my hair really hard as well, drag me by it around the house.

I started drinking when I was 13 and was a drunk by the time I was 15, as well. Mostly because she would assault me anyway and if I were drunk I would not give a shit about anything this enraged sow would try to pull. My friends used to have a deadpool for me because I drank like I wanted to die. Took years to quit. I've been through several months-long binges as an adult. Of course on my 25th birthday she gave me a bottle of alcohol even though I told her I don't drink, it sat in the pantry for months until I gave in and went on another binge. I only quit last year.

She never wanted me. She had me when she was 17, always wanted an abortion and loved to talk about the abortion too. I used to feel so bad for existing. But the thing is, nobody made her take care of me. Gran and I were managing just fine. I saw her for maybe 2 or 3 days twice or three times a year, up until I was about 8. Nobody ever asked her to do motherly things or pay for my existence somehow and I always hated her visits because even when I was tiny she always flew into rages. She once fixed me a plate of pasta and I said "this is salty", because my gran never put salt into anything and she went fucking berserk. She flushed the pasta down the toilet, broke the plate, and then told me to gtfo her flat and find food for myself. I was 4. Whenever I came to her house she usually had a party with about 20 people and they'd drink vodka and lock the kitchen door. I was around 4 when I had my first sexual experience with another 4 year old child who was also at the party.

They bought her an apartment, they bought her a car, she had everything and she never fucking wanted to grow up, hold down a job or at least act fucking grateful for anything. She just rented out her own flat and came to live with me and gran. That meant that I no longer had a room of my own, and then we had to sell my bed as well so that my mum's shitty furniture and other garbage would fit, so I shared my bed with grandma until we moved.

She hated me, always did, for everything I did. I was a straight A student who was good at piano and a very kind, timid child who didn't even know how to swear. She had to pull reasons for hating me out of her ass. Parting my hair in the middle, being fat (bitch is fucking morbidly obese herself), talking to my dad's new wife, reading books when I've finished my homework, not having any friends, wanting to talk to my friends. She took away the things my dad bought for me. Who the fuck takes shirts from an 8 year old child and stretches them out with their tits. She sold my piano without telling me. I never thought of her as an authority so I had no idea why the fuck this rabid hippo had any reason to make up rules for me to follow. She was a squatter. She was shit at money, shit at holding down a job, shit at keeping relationships, never sober, never properly dressed, dumb as a rock and had horrendous taste in music and TV. I have no idea why that woman though she could decide where I should study, when I come home, how I dress or who I talk to.

Unfortunately for me I got a head injury when I was 13 and that sort of dampened my ability to be self-reliant for 14 long miserable years of constant fainting, 7/10 headaches, insomnia, nosebleeds and twitching in my entire body. She sabotaged any attempt to get medical help and instead forced me to get a degree in something I hated "because I would love it", and I had to listen. Gran was going senile, we had no rights to the flat we were living in, dad was dividing his assets in yet another divorce and having his 5th child, I was so terrified that this woman would make me homeless because I knew that I would never be able to make it on my own. There were days when I couldn't even use public transit or take out the trash but while she was here I had to force myself out of the house every day and get drunk in an alley somewhere because it hurt so much to do anything else.

Then when I was 18, she moved out with a man and I was finally able to breathe. She sort of weaseled back into my life for a bit. Began to help out gran and give me money sometimes. Sometimes it was a lot, 2000 dollars at one point. I accepted in part because I thought she felt guilty for everything she did and just didn't want to voice it. I wanted to have a mum. Even as an adult I really wanted my parents to love me. Then she called me sloshed on my 27th birthday and told me that I deserved all the beatings that I got from her because of the way that I used to be. Fuck. I realised that she's just giving me money to humiliate me and still have control and feel like she's the queen here. That she regrets nothing and doesn't understand anything at all. She complains to her mother that I don't love her, too, like it's this giant mystery as to why that could possibly be, probably because of my deficiencies. She used to tell me that other daughters call their mother mummy and help their mummies and love and respect them and I don't.

Well, I'm not buying that anymore. I am the age that she was when she was my terror and I do not feel the need to abuse a child at all. It took years to understand how much she had demolished my self-worth. I used to be covered in self-inflicted cuts from head to toe and shaved my head at 14 because she drove me to the edge with the constant hate and I never realised that it wasn't just me who was defective, that I didn't appear this way in a vacuum. She has been out of the house for 10 years and out of my life for another 2, but it took longer than that to get her out of my head. I'm still insanely bitter, and I don't know if I can ever let this go, but at least I no longer have anger issues or intimacy issues like I used to. Rot in hell, sow.

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