(Serious) People who almost died, but lived because of a gut decision, what's your story?

I was on vacation in Costa Rica with my family. We planned to go on a hike for the day in the vast rainforest Costa Rica has to offer. On our drive to the trail head, the GPS wasn’t working very well, but we knew we were close because of signs (lucky for us, they were in both English and Spanish). Eventually we decided that we could just pull over and walk into the forest directly off the road. we decided to just go a little further up the road before stopping. And just a couple hundred feet up was the trial head. So we just hiked the trail for the day and came back to the Airbnb. It wasn’t until later that we found out that multiplayer tourist vent or into the forest in the same area we were going to. Almost of them are murdered, kidnapped, raped etc. I guess the lesson here is always have a trail guide and don’t venture off trails.

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