(Serious) People who have considered running away from home, what are the factors which make you want to do so? How do you plan to do it?

I got into the university I wanted just to realized I did not wanted to study Medicine. My blood father is a doctor, mom a nurse and sister a radiologist, so when I said to my mother that I was sure that wasn't for me and I didn't want to waste five years (probably more) studying something I already knew I didn't like, she was really mad and said I didn't have a choice, I lived with her so I was going to do what she said (I'm Mexican and here is fairly common to live with your parents while you are majoring and even later) so I just left, she was clear and I was determined. At that time I was a little bit suicidal so even though I didn't have a real plan, I thought I could just finally kill myself at some point.

It didn't last, my legal father (who didn't live with us) found me that night and took me in, he said he supported me 100 %, and that I could stay with him and my grandma. After some time I patched up things with me mother and went back home.

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