[Serious] People who cut off contact with their family, how was it and how has your life changed now?

My dad was physically/psychologically abusive and my mom enabled him and often took part in the psychological abuse.

Otherwise, they were toxic people. Every dinner table conversation was cutting criticism of everyone else they worked with. Everything that anyone else did was "he's so weird for doing that" or "I don't know why he wore that." They also had issues with confrontation with people, so all's they would do is get taken advantage of and they would come home and bitch to each other). My dad had anger issues so he would keep his stress over money/things inside and then blow up on someone for the most minor thing in the world. I didn't realize until I was older but everyone else in the town stopped inviting them to parties and events because they were so insufferable to be around, and I was ostracized in school because my parents would be mean to other parents and their parents would not let them be sociable with me as a result. (I wouldn't get invited to birthday parties or anything, so the kids starting assuming I wasn't popular and treat me worse as a result).

I remember one time my sister and I weren't invited to a birthday party across the street, and my mom went to Walmart and bought them a $100 gift and made us deliver it to their front door. My mom was standing near the street just staring at their mother when she answered the door.

To make things worse, they never taught me things like basic hygiene, personal finance, or a whole range of things you're supposed to learn at home. I didn't learn about how to get appropriately fitted clothes or anything until I went to college and met people who turned out to be very tolerant of my situation and gave me the late push I needed. My parents were too wrapped up in their own psychological issues to tend to someone who needed to learn basic things like that.

They had shitty dead end lower-middle class jobs and they never tried to educate themselves or better themselves in any way. They would rail end on end, day on day about things like universal healthcare being the end of capitalism until they had their insurance cut at their shit jobs and received a $6,000 hospital bill. It was like this with everything.

I have never been happier in my life - they were the worse people I ever have personally known on the planet and whenever I meet someone with any behavioral traits like them I disengage from them and never get close.

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