[Serious] People who grew up without a religion: What's it like now that you're an adult?

I was not raised in a family in which religion played any significant role. I can remember instances as a child in which my parents briefly flirted with some religious philosophy or "spiritual" ideas before dropping them but we never attended any organized religious rituals as a family. While we weren't members of any group my folks never really disparaged anyone particularly either. My sister and I were both encouraged to think critically about the world and the conclusions we reached, while certainly guided and to an extent shaped by our parents, we're very much our own.

In my adult life, and I'm in my late 20s now, I don't think about religion. I don't consider myself any sort of theist nor do I reject any particular theism, I just don't consider the question interesting. To me the religious world just feels sort of like a bunch of people who have a hobby that I don't particularly care for. I don't go to church, neither do I build model airplanes. They're sorta in the same category for me.

I see religion, historically, as an attempt humans have made to explain the world and our place in it which no longer holds any water. We don't make a habit of using bronze age medicine to cure disease so why would we expect bronze age philosophy to be much more useful? It just seems irrelevant to me.

Basically I don't think about any of the "god" questions ever unless someone asks me a question about my stance, then I say what I'm saying now as a sort of memorized conclusion that I came to when I was 15.

I am a student of mathematics, so while I don't like using the word "faith" here, I'd answer your last question by stating my area of study as example of my general outlook on the world, that it is knowable, and to point out that while I don't find religion interesting, I still find the questions it pretends to have answers to very compelling.

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