[Serious] people who have had sex with somebody they consider much older than yourself, what was it like?

Had a relationship with my married college professor four years after I graduated. On the one hand, it was exciting and taboo to be in bed with a woman I had fantasized about for years. On the other hand, I was 26 and she was 57 and she had badly injured her back a couple years earlier so sex was always gentle and cautious. The back injury had also made her sedentary and she had lost her figure and put on significant weight which made her even more self-conscious in addition to her being older and my former professor. Despite being separated from her husband, she was still very mentally wrapped up in their marriage so she was often distracted and not engaged emotionally with me. The thrill was mostly psychological while the actual sex was less than ideal, but overall I enjoyed the affair and am glad to have spent that time with her.

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