[Serious] People who had depression, how did you get out of it?

I still battle with depression. What has helped me is talking to a therapist. Even though I recently started going, it feels great to talk to someone and tell them how I feel without being judged and get great insight on what depression actually is. I also have two cats that have helped a lot. Just knowing I have two living things that depend on me and sleeping/laying with them makes me feel better. I also have to distract myself a lot. I often get in weird moods when I am bored/have time to think about everything wrong. I browse reddit, youtube, write, draw etc. Leaving the house also helps me a lot. Sometimes I have to push myself because I am not in the mood too but even something simple like going to the store helps my mood. Support is the last thing. Finding at least one person to support you makes a big difference. My family was always supportive and I was very stubborn/weird about it at first. I don't like feeling vulnerable but just knowing that they are there for me makes me feel better.

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